Aaaaw Shucks... Did you miss us??

The GOOD news is that we are back on the web.

The BAD news is that the bands are still as crappy as ever.

First please give thanks to Mike W0BTU because it's his server you are going to be on.

NOW BANDCONDITIONS is totally 100% ham controlled. Now it can be said - "Made by Hams - For Hams."

Our favorite site has almost escaped from the much hated Yahoo corporate server farm. However we still have to point "" to the new server location. So, as you use the site, don't click the "Back" link or you'll end up HERE. This page will disappear when that URL has been forwarded by Icahn or who ever controls the net these days. No more spending 2 or more hours waiting for a "teckie" at the Yahoo call center in India just to be asked "Is your computer plugged into the AC outlet??" Oppps... slipped intorant mode...

Ok here is the link - look out DXCC! here we come...


K5BIZ - Biz